Friday, 8 November 2013

Painting for Work

What?  Two posts in quick succession?  Surely not!

Just thought I'd show off this Liby-Phoenician spearman that I painted.  He will be part of the box art for our new Xyston Carthaginian army pack.  I know - More 15mm models.  What can I say?  I like the scale, which is handy, since painting/sculpting 15mm models is in the job description.

I've left the shield blank for now, as I would really like to use one of the excellent Little Big Man transfers for the design and avoid using freehand.  But as this will be used on our packaging, I will need to a) get permission from Steve at LBM, and b) get Robbie to agree to me using a transfer.

One the shield design is complete, and fancy photograhs taken, he'll be based as part of a unit for either Warmaster Ancients (as opposition for my Republican Romans), or Mighty Armies Ancients (if that game takes off with the regular gaming group).

If you have strong feelings regarding the shield design (transfer vs freehand, or suggestions for the design: quick note, I would like to use something other than the symbol of Tanit), by all means let me know in the comments.  I will consider all suggestions of a serious nature.  So no "Hello Kitty" shields, or the like!


  1. Good Lord, that is 15mm? Outstanding Sir!

  2. Lol. Yes indeed it is 15mm (well, around 17-18mm, since the scale is 1:100). In retrospect, maybe I should have added the shiny penny for scale purposes?

    But I am very proud of how this paint job turned out. Thank you for the compliment, Michael.