Monday, 30 September 2013


Hello again, all.  I'm excited now.

 I am offically taking part in the Zomtober painting event that I first came across in the Ecclectic Gentleman Tabletop Gamer blog.  The idea is that every week in October, everyone who is taking part must paint at least one zombie or survivor and publish pictures of said model (or models).  The challenge will kick off tomorrow, so if you fancy joining in, and haven't already, make sure you leave a comment for pulpcitizen, and join the throng of zombie painters!  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's painted models, and enjoying the energy that comes from being part of a larger project.

For me, Zomtober is a simple concept, but hopefully something that will give me the required shot of motivation to a) get some of my dusty lead painted up, and b) get me in the habit of making regular blog posts.

I've been swithering away about whether to paint 28mm or 15mm models for Zomtober, but with my friends Robbie and Deke planning to visit for some zombie gaming at the beginning of November, and my limited gaming space, it's going to be 15mm for me, I reckon.  I'll try to paint two models a week, so I will have a nice start to my painted horde (there are about 20 primed 15mm zombies pleading for my attention at the moment).  But I will have to take into account events like an OU tutorial and a Warmaster Ancients competition which I have committed myself to in October.  So, despite my plans, I may only manage to get one painted some weeks.

Feels like I should add a picture of some sort now.  Hmmm.... ~rummage, rummage~.... How about this one.  It's a 28mm Hasslefree zombie, but my 15mm zombies will have the same sort of skin tone, etc., so think of it as a preview.  See you again at the weekend!