Monday, 18 November 2013

Cheeky Chappie

I painted the first of my goblin unit fillers over the weekend, probably galvanised into action following my first trial game of Mighty Armies with the missus (it was very basic, so no AAR this time, but it was great.  How great?  We'll be playing again, and Kim is building herself a wood elf army.  So AAR next time, for sure).

Here he is next to one of his metal mates to show how he scales up.  Strangely, he looks fine in real life, but when I look at the photo everything looks really rough about the paint job, so he'll be back under the brushes again later for some tidying up.  Digital photography is a harsh mistress, but she does drive improvement in my painting.

Also, my first package of goodies arrived through the post.  Took advantage of the recent Copplestone Castings 10% off sale to buy some 15mm barbarians.  When they arrived, I couldn't resist doing some minor conversion work to make a Conan figure.  Still a little work to do on his eye (his left side, our right: He looks cross-eyed at the moment, as I can't seem to get the white of his eye to cover the area I'm aiming for) and base (I'm currently rummaging through my collection for a donor model with a suitable sword or helmet to sit at the bottom of the stairs, for starters).  Here's the almost-finished Conan:

 By Crom! Finish painting me, or I sup ale from thy freshly cloven skull this night!
I thought the cloak painted up well.  So well, in fact, I thought it deserved a picture to itself.

See you soon!




  1. How rude! The Barbarian is stunning though!

  2. Heh. 'Moonie' does add that bit of character to the unit, though. I always feel Goblin units benefit from a touch of humour. If you can't be good at fighting, at least be funny!

    I had to take Conan seriously, though! I think this has to be one of my favourite 15mm painted pieces so far. Glad you like him.

  3. Excellent work on the cheeky chappie and the Barbarian. :)

  4. Thanks PC. More on the mighty-thewed one in the next post!

  5. Oooo I want a cheekie chappie. He`s so GOOOOOOD!!!