Wednesday, 23 October 2013

They are Legion! - Zomtober Week 4

Well, I know I'm a bit early with this, so my apologies for that. But this is one of those situations where real life is ramping up the pressure (I have an assignment deadline and a job interview, both on Monday), and it just makes sense to get my Zomtober commitment out of the way early, to free up time for the other upcoming events.

The Khurasan zombie on the left looks rather ghoulish, doesn't he?  The range is definitely growing on me.  I just find some of the ragged clothing to be sculpted in a style that doesn't quite 'click' with me.  But I love the sense of movement, and the character in the faces of the Khurasan zombies.

In the middle is a Rebel Miniatures zombie businessman, waving around his briefcase.  I'm toying with the idea of a game in which this particular zombie would be an objective, as the survivors need something in his briefcase.  Maybe it's research on a cure for the zombie virus?   Maybe he has a key card for access to a resrticted part of a lab/office building?  Maybe they just want his sandwiches?  The great thing is that he will stand out in a crowd, despite his rather pedestrian attire, making that sort of scenario a good idea.

Finally, we have a skateboarder zombie (again from Rebel Minis).  Painted myself into a corner with this chap, as apart from his degloved arm, there are no other signs of injury on the model.  So in retrospect the red plaid shirt may have been a mistake, since I couldn't daub blood effects over it.  Still, I think the white t-shirt makes up for that problem...

Well, Zomtober has been a blast!  I will be doing an unofficial week 5 in order to get some survivors on the go.  Thanks to Pulp Citizen for letting me play, and thanks to all of my fellow Zomtober participants:  It's been great scooting around everyone's blogs and feasting on the rotten eye candy you've displayed.  Looking forward to next years event!

Since I'm done (for the time being) with the undead, here's the group shot I promised.  At my wife's request a shiny penny has been added to show the scale of the models.

Say "Cheese!".......Mmmuuurrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh!

See you next week!



  1. Oh well done Sir, a great collection and humbling seeing them next to the penny!

  2. I'm glad you like them, Michael. There's something satisfying about watching one's horde of zombies taking shape, isn't there? Even though there are only 12 models in the group, I reckon they look quite an imposing bunch. I wouldn't have thought of putting the penny in the shot if not for the missus (to be fair, she suggested it a week or two ago, but I didn't want to change the picture format part-way through the proceedings).

  3. Great stuff, and thanks for joining in. I remain awed by your painting at 15 mm; you are far, far braver than me! :)

    I hope to do a Zomtober roll call post soon totaling everything done by all participants, so be sure to pipe up when that appears. :)

    1. Oooh, I don't know about brave. But thanks for the compliment! Zomtober has been a lot of fun. I'll certainly pop over for the summary post on your blog. Hopefully, I'll have some survivors from my unofficial week 5 efforts to add to the total.