Sunday, 17 March 2013

Airbrush (and photo) Practice

This fellow is a minotaur from the Reaper Bones range.  I'm trying to get used to the airbrush in order to speed up my painting technique, and larger models seem like a good place to start.

The brown skin fur was done with the airbrush and a wash with devlan mud, followed by extreme highlights.  Everything else was done in the traditional manner.

Although I saved loads of time this way, I could probably have saved more by using the airbrush on other elements, like the black fur and the horns.  So, taking that on board as the first lesson, I have ordered some masking materials to help boost my confidence with using the airbrush more.  I am deliberately avoiding the use of pigments and oil washes for now, and get used to the techniques one at a time.

While I was at it, I've had a few email/text conversations with Junior about my photography, which I think has slipped in quality lately.  Well, I think, after identifying a few schoolboy errors, I'm getting back on track.  It goes to show that it is always worthwhile to revisit the fundamentals every now and again.  Still a bit of work to do with the blurry weapons, but I'm pleased with the results, and poky weapons are always an issue when you try to photograph different angles on a model (and careful positioning can mitigate that too).

Here come the pictures:

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