Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Projects for 2012

Okay, after much deliberation, I've decided on my projects for the year.  I broke them down into rough genres so that there will be room for a bit of variety in painting/gaming.

  •   Blood Bowl Teams (Pro Elf, Goblin, Human, Vampire) - All in the process of being converted.  The aim is to complete the conversion and painting on at least two of these this year.  Really want to get to a tournament or two this year, but the timing for the local tournaments has been bad for me so far.  I may have to go for the NAF championship in May.
  • Song of Blades and Heroes warbands in 15mm (Dungers, Barbarians).  The Dungers will be a case of completing what I have, and rounding out the selection, whilst the Barbarians will be started from scratch using the excellent 15mm models from Copplestone Castings.  One or two of the Barbarians will probably find themselves doing adventuring duty in my dungeon games, and the Dungers will also likely find themselves in games of 5150 or as big wandering dungeon monsters.  So, good value for money/time spent with these guys, I think!
  • 15mm Dungeon Crawl - Don't know whether I'll use Song of Gold and Darkness or a different set of rules for this (open to recommendations if anyone would like to put any forward), but this is going to be quite a mixed bag.  This is something I've never done before, so my current thinking is 15-20 of each of the basic dungeon gribblies like Goblins/Skeletons etc., and 3-5 of the Ogre/Troll/Minotaur types.
  • In The Emperor's Name (or ITEN as we started calling it) - Planning to build and paint Eldar Harlequin, Squat and Ork retinues for this. Harlequins will probably br first, since they need the least number of models painted, although they will require a lot of detail, which will slow down the painting.
  • 5150 - I know I love my 15mm Greys, but it's probably time to stop now.  You know you have too many models painted already when you've started converting Greys into Star Trek characters.  So, I'll look at some opposition for them, and build a Star Army force, and maybe some suitably retro tanks/support or something for the Greys if I find anything on my travels.
  • Zombie Apocalypse - Nuff said, really.  The usual stuff, scenery, survivors, npcs and an ongoing zombie horde.  My initial target will be 3 survivors, 4-5 npcs, 20-30 zombies and enough scenics to fill one 3' x 3' board.  Going to be trying out a number of different rule sets.  Initially, Dead Walk again and ATZ, but Undead States of America will also get an outing when things get really thick on the ground.  This is going to be a huge project, so it will be covered in it's own blog.
  • Warmachine/Hordes - Got me the start of a Cygnar force, which will be the main focus of my Warmachine efforts, but I also want to add the battle box man-o-war models to my existing Khador force.  If I go with Hordes, I'll be looking at a Tharn-heavy Circle force.

  • Warmaster Ancients - Sassanid (or Sassanian?  I prefer 'nid to 'ian) Persian army in 6mm.  My other choice of army would be Sumerian, but (correct me if I'm wrong here) I don't think they would be as colourful and interesting to paint.
  • AK47 - Just need to get my backside in gear with this.  Love reading the rulebook, but just seem to lack the commitment to getting any models on the table.
  • WOTR Mordheim - Great game, and some great Perry plastics donated to me by my good friend Deke.  It would be a sin not to get them painted up.

Basically, I'm aware that this is a lot to put on my plate, so these projects are "on standby".  If, for any reason, I should have to abandon any of the above projects, or I miraculously finish them all, I'll work on these:

  • 7TV
  • Warhammer ECW Montrose Scots
  • Dystopian Wars
Okay.  Next step will be sorting out what I already have, and figuring out what I will need.  See you next time!

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